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Youtube Promotion is a golden opportunity to create huge profit generating content, as well as building an audience and monetizing your videos. Promoting yourself on Youtube and advertising Youtube videos is gradually becoming more and more like Google Promotion. Youtube ranks video searches and suggestions as per the viewer’s viewing experience and times, caters to its audience, and creates many effective ways to gain the largest and most accessible audience online. Until recently, video promotions were based on the number of views it had, and Youtube currently ranks videos as in order of audience viewing quality. Audience viewing quality is decreed by the amount of time spent watching the specific video, or in other words, how many minutes of the video were actually seen, at which points videos were abandoned, when videos were skipped, and when viewers returned to the video to continue it or watch it again. In addition, Youtube compares this data between videos, checking the same number of views at equal points in different videos. Other factors Youtube takes into account when rating videos is the amount of Subscribes, strength of keywords, and links to other popular videos.

Sponsored Promotion on Youtube

Sponsored promotion on Youtube enables greater advertising results and video exposure on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where video links are constantly shared. Adsense based sponsored promotion will yield profits in accordance with the video’s quality and steps taken during the video production and video creation, keyword research, uploading it to Youtube, and promoting it, with an emphasis on the many different tools to lure audience to your video and channel.

Youtube promotion yields greater advertising results

Youtube promotion yields greater advertising results due to three main reasons:

  1. Production quality and interesting content.
  2. Targeted keyword research and market research (finding relevant videos and Youtube channels).
  3. Creating an interest that goes beyond the video, such as viewer participation, contents, promotions, fulfilling viewer requests, and building an audience.

These three build interest in the potential viewer, and make them return to the video and channel repeatedly, giving them a reason to spend more time watching you, raising the probability them clicking the advertisement they see. Youtube provides video creators improved tools and effectiveness, aiding in improving the advertisement results.

The benefits of Youtube promotions for sponsored advertising

  1. 1.       Audience growth
  2. 2.       Audience Engagement and retention
  3. Youtube Partners – gaining the support of others (individuals and Yuutube communities alike) with whom you share interests.
  4. Monetization and advertising campaigns – advertising space on Youtube videos and setting up advertising campaigns.
  5. Insight and deep analytics – a more thorough analytical assessment with improved selective targeting options.
  6. Planning and production strategies – Youtube gives you the tools to plan and produce videos and campaigns, and grants high content and idea capabilities.
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