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A three minute promotional video for your business is one of the most efficient things you can do to get potential new customers, regardless of whether you’re a big business or a small one. A promotional video is much stronger than using merely text and an image, because it includes moving image and sound, a combination that plays on two different senses at the same time (sight and hearing) and stimulates the viewer’s attention much more effectively than anything else. The human mind processes and remembers details best when exposed to information in the form of an image or a story than in text. Viewers prefer to watch low budget promotional videos, because they’re so popular online these days that they have an easier time relating. There are a few things to keep in mind when producing your promotional video, things that will help you gain a bigger audience and send your marketing message in the most efficient manner. Before you set to editing and uploading your video, make sure to check these nine steps out. They’ll help you gain success and popularity.

9 steps to producing your promotional video

  1. Define and plan the video’s purpose – Don’t forget to define the budget for this promotional video. Putting effort into making your video interesting and viral is often more important than choosing the perfect location, or emphasizing visual quality.
  2. Who’s your target audience – Keep your target audience in mind while planning the video. For instance, if you’re making a promotional video about a product that improves people’s life quality better than other products, you can give your video a comical or cynical twist.
  3. Choosing your genre – It’s important to attract the desired audience. Plan well in advance how your video is going to look like and sound like, and make sure it does make proper use of language, colors, and atmosphere that suits the people you wish to reach out to. Watch similar videos with a small group of people from the requested target audience.
  4. CTA – it’s important to plan what the viewer will do after watching your video, where your video will lead them, which texts and links will appear during the video, and where they will take the viewer when it’s over.
  5. Create a script or a storyboard that describes every scene in your video – this will help you understand how much time you’re going to spend on  very scene, and what each scene’s purpose. You need to choose the structure of your movie; start, middle, end, and important points that will emphasize your message and what you’re trying to say. A few keywords will help, and show your proposal in a clear way towards the end.
  6. Choose a narrator or a speaker to walk the viewer through the video – it’s important to choose someone who’s presentable and pleasant looking, with good punctuation and an interesting voice.
  7. Choose your equipment and location – It’s easy to upload HD videos to YouTube these days. Choose the highest quality your camera can perform with, and use good lightning and focusing. Don’t hesitate to shoot some of the scenes several times, until you get the results you want. Look through the lens while filming, and not at the screen. And always remember that the most important thing is content. Try to use the most suitable materials. It will help with the editing.
  8. Selecting materials – You’ll never get a clean and clear video if you use crappy lighting and a low resolution. Make sure you use a good camera, or rent one. Your objective is to use the best materials at your disposal.
  9. Copyrights – Everything you do needs to be original, without any copyright violations. If you upload a video with bits that belong to other people, you might expose yourself to pending lawsuits in addition to being required to take your video down (or have it taken down for you). Always ask for written permission when using other people’s materials.

Free sites that will help you make your promotional videos

  • offers many sound and music files you can use for free.
  • – offers millions of images for sales.
  • – promotes voice actors and narrators.
  • Keepvid – A free tool that lets you download videos and turns them into editable files.

Important editing rules to keep in mind while producing viral and promotional videos

  1. The editing stage – Most viewers lack the patience to see long and overly informative videos. They’d rather read an article about those things than see them. The editing should highlight the main points in a quick and clear manner. Don’t try to save time on editing, spend time and thought on it before advertising the video. Try to lure the audience’s attention as quickly as possible at the beginning of the video. No one will watch a three minute piece if they’re utterly absorbed within the first few seconds. There are a lot of free programs and you can download and use, and most of them are user friendly too such as, Windows Movie Maker for Windows users or iMovies for Macs. Other options include Sony Vegas, Pinnacle, or even YouTube’s editing page.
  2. Sound – It’s important to test the sound prior to shooting the video, since microphones really don’t like windy days or other noise that can ruin the whole thing. The sound should be clear while watching. Lack of attention to sound quality will chase many viewers away. The viewers should easily understand what’s being said, so it’s highly important to make sure any and all of the speech is good. Choose the music carefully, and make sure the soundtrack builds the atmosphere and is well timed with the content.
  3. Adding CTA buttons and their importance – A promotional video that lacks in interactive action will be weak when compared to one that includes it. Help your audience take action. Directly link them to where you want them to end up, whether it’s leaving their contact details, or purchasing something.
  4. Presentation – if your video is on your landing page and hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video sharing website, give it an intriguing and eye-catching frame that will lure the viewer to hit the start button.
  5. Adjustments – often, a promotional video has many different uses. You can edit the video into several versions, or change them over time. A video that shows a restaurant or coffee shop can be changed with time, when new dishes are added to the menu or are changed. You can also change the sound or the speech, so it fits changes that are about to come. Over time you can also add or remove buttons or text as per need.

At Simple Media, we give a special attention to the making of promotional videos, organic and viral alike. We use professional presenters, editors, and more. Taking good care of your YouTube channel will prove itself time and time again as an especially useful marketing tool. Let us make this channel for you and for your business. Leave your contact details and we’ll offer you a fixed video package, adjusted to your brand and your target audience.


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