Email – the best way to keep in touch

What are emails good for, anyway?

Sending emails out to your mailing list is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to keep in touch with your customer base. It opens the door to new potential customers. Its simple to use, low cost, and wide distribution have made email marketing especially popular among business owners and organizations.

Research shows that only a trace amount of potential customers are moved by a single exposure to a message. Usually, only repetitive message exposure in various variations for a number of times will make a bigger amount of people contact you.

This is why dispatching emails sends your message directly to its destination and effectively helps you compete for the customer’s attention.

Additional email advantages when compared to other marketing methods is that allows you to upload a series of messages in advance, and send it out at regular intervals. This helps you sharpen the marketing message with elegance and increase the chance of potential customers moving to action.

Email provider reviews

Now that we understand the benefits of using emails, and know why we should make use of it, it’s best we acquaint ourselves with some of the most popular email providers. There are, of course, more providers out there than those we mention here, but all of them include the same basic functions. The way to decree which of the providers we’re going to choose for our emails is simple; try different providers, consult friends and acquaintances who’ve tried them out, and choose the best email provider that suits our needs the best.

A quick review of two popular email providers


The MailChimp system lets you send out mass emails. It’s an American system, advanced and comfortable. The website includes a comfortable UI, simple and intuitive to use, and includes a step by step guide for registration, creating a mailing list, building a campaign, and settings.

The MailChimp website offers professional information and includes a blog with general tips alongside a wide array of free study guides on various topics. MailChimp also offers more advanced options, such as full Facebook integration, and segments, making the honing of your marketing message simpler than ever. In addition, the system offers management reports to track your email’s performance and more. In addition to all of this, MailChimp offers innovative design kits that allow you to express your creative side without any additional cost.

The one major drawback in MailChimp is that it integrates its own advertisement with the emails you send out, something that will annoy the receivers in the best case scenario, or outright select hem as spam in the worst case scenario.


Salesforce is a diverse system which offers management and business upgrades services. For instance, the system offers advanced cloud services which are meant to supply solutions to several aspects, such as customer relationship management, customer support, social media marketing services, sales, and more. The system also offers support with mailing list based marketing messages.

One of the main advantages in using Salesforce is in your ability to combine it with other complex systems from which it can absorb information about your clients and make intelligent use of it. This adds a personal touch to the emails you send. Salesforce will also let you combine contact options and polls, which you can forward to your clients, and deduct important decisions and insights based on their responses.

However, as with any other provider, Salesforce has its disadvantages too. The emails it sends out include a code that has the email end up in Spam folders much of the time.

Now that we’ve gone over a few mass email providers, all you’ve got to do is experiment; choose the provider that best suits your needs, try providers that don’t appear on this list, put thought into verbalizing and defining your marketing message, and adjust it to your target audience. Define your marketing campaign and set to work. All you’ve got left to do now is wait for new clients to contact you shortly.

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