Creating websites for small and big businesses

Over the past decade, the internet has occupied a central part of our lives, and has become an increasingly crowded marketplace. When customers were interested in a product or service in the past, all they had to do was open yellow pages and call the service providers up. Today, however, search engines such as Google or Bing are used instead. Online users are this century’s potential customers, which is why building websites for businesses is a crucial and critical component of their success (or lack thereof). The internet arena is monstrously huge, and our website is our way of standing out within it.

How do you create a website?

Website development is very similar to establishing shops or stores in the world of AFK, and serves a wide array of marketing and advertising needs, from business visibility through branding, attracting new customers, and financial and business deals. A business website is the online face of the business. Creating websites for small and big businesses alike is a job that requires experts in various fields, such as web developers, programmers, graphic designers, and SEO people.

Website creation

There are three main components to the process of website creation; research and preparation, creating the technical groundwork, and design. Once the website is built, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process begins, in which we promote our site online. Optimizing our site enhances the chances of appearing higher up the search result ranks every time someone searches for our business or the services we provide.

One of the key elements in SEO is the repetition of keywords or popular phrases that are typed into search engines. SEO is a crucial marketing tool, which enlarges our exposure to potential clients, and leads them to our doorstep. One of the ways you can incorporate the promotion process along with the website creation, is creating a WordPress website.


WordPress is an open source community developed by programmers in 2003. Unlike other site management systems, WordPress is a particularly user friendly one. The system, initially developed as a blog host, is simple to operate and updates regularly. Once your website and its design were created by a WordPress professional, and the system is ready to use, you don’t need to have any design or programming knowledge to keep updating and uploading content to the site. The user interface is intuitive, simple, and comfortable. Thanks to its huge community, WordPress has leaped forward in giant steps since its creation, and has become one of the most popular website creation platforms. Nowadays, you can use it to develop business sites of all sorts and sizes.

Business website – WordPress benefits

As you may have already figured out, using WordPress to create your site will give you a lot of advantages.

  • User friendly – The content management system is easy and simple to use, and doesn’t require any previous technical knowledge.
  • Full control – WordPress enables full control of the website’s content and design.
  • Customization – WordPress has no limitations on design or amount of content. You can adjust it to any business, and almost for any requirements.
  • Freedom – WordPress is open source, which means everyone has access to the code, and can make simple adjustments. You’re not bound to a single service provider, which gives you independence and freedom for your site management and development.
  • SEO – the WordPress platform is favored by search engines because it allows proper construction of site hierarchy, adjusting titles and keywords for articles, and is so well known that sites built with it often get prioritized on Google.
  • Updates and extensions – the system is regularly updated, and offers an endless amount of extensions, many of them for free.
  • Social networks – a lot of extensions and plug ins offer links from your site to social media sites, boosting your site even further.
  • Website building – any way you want to.

There are a number of open source platforms we make use of, adjusted to our customer’s needs. Let us make the right professional choice for you.

If you want to enjoy the perks of having a business website and are looking for integrated solutions, construction, design, and promotion – contact us. Our team includes experts, programmers, and webmasters, who will accompany you through the process and help you achieve the success you are after. What are you waiting for?

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