The modern world is a whole different marketing playground than what it used to be in previous reincarnations. Nowadays, consumers are constantly exposed to a plethora of marketing messages, commercials, advertisements, and more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving somewhere, listening to the radio, reading a newspaper, spending time online, or watching TV, you’ll be exposed to so many marketing messages that most of them will just fly right by you without you ever noticing. These messages represent different businesses and companies from different industries that are all competing for the attention of the potential customer – you. To their dismay, so many of these companies look like one another, and it’s hard to tell which is what. They can’t make enough of an impression to last in our memories, and have absolutely nothing to differentiate them from their competitors.

What is branding?

Contrary to popular belief, branding is not just about updating your logo or adopting a new set of colors for your organization. A branding process that embodied in drawing two simple lines over your logo is a process that is incomplete, not deep, and generally mostly useless. Branding is meant to do so much more than just that. Branding is supposed to reach all the areas of your business, affect all points of interface with the customers, and be done by a professional team.

When trying to define branding, we must think of all the links that connect the business with its customers. Branding in a professional way will touch all these lines and redefine the values that the company wants to show, the new language the company will speak, and how the company will perceive its customers.

Good branding will take care of the logo only after that, and make sure the exterior (colors, composition, etc.) matches it, as well as make sure the target audience is right for the organization, that is has good presenters, good advertising, and more.

The branding will help with the creation and design of the public perception of the company. The process if meant to stir emotions and create new experiences among the consumers. A good example is Nike. The moment you think of its name, most people will add the line – Just do it. It’s a phrase that’s become synonymous with the company and conveys a powerful message about it, about its products, and about the added value the customer will enjoy if they purchase it. These positive connections should make the decision to make a purchase quicker and easier. Much like Nike, try to think about companies such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Apple, and more. You’ll be surprised to discover which impressions are attached to these companies in your subconscious. Understanding the consumer’s subconscious helps us understand what branding is and how to use it correctly.

When branding is a success

The branding process, when successful, will turn a regular product or routine business activity becomes an entity of its own. This turns a product from a potential purchase into a first priority in the eyes of your customers. A good example of a successful branding process is a very well-known and famous product called Tipp-Ex. The branding process of Tipp-ex was so great that people no longer request “correct fluid” anywhere, but only say “tipex“. True to the time of writing this article, Tipp-ex is undergoing a new branding process via a YouTube video.

Google AdWords chose a different time of business branding. The way Google chose to turn to potential customers was based on regular, everyday kind of people rather than celebrities or famous people. The marketing messages used by Google are based on creating an identity among the regular and normal people who’ve succeeded with their businesses thanks to Google AdWords. This sense of identity strengthens the “I can do it too” feeling, and thereby promotes the branding in the eyes of the audience, gives it added value, and makes the decision to purchase it much, much easier.

How do you successfully brand yourself online?

Many offer branding services, at varying levels and costs. Yet just as with anything else, the purchase of these services needs to be done with care, especially considering it’s a big thing. As always, it’s best to hire a professional branding company. Always read reviews and listen to suggestions before choosing the branding services company you’ll go with. The branding process itself will usually center around three basic stages:

  • Business design and analysis – This is a very important stage, and it’s meant to give the professionals a deep understanding about the business, needs, benefits, and the people operating in it. This stage builds the foundations to your branding process.
  • Strategy and actual branding – This stage includes the process design, definition of the end result, creating the marketing language, choosing presenters, and more.
  • Advertising – Translating the branding process and expressing it in marketing message and sales lines to target audiences. At this stage you will defied on your advertising campaign, tools, and more. This is when you start distributing your new brand to your audience and target audience.

Branding your company online

Every business is a world onto itself, and we at Simple Media find it important to understand your target audience, the correct use of language for you, and adjust your branding so you could get new potential customers. Branding is a key that will unlock your path to uniqueness. We undertake extensive research and combine the best professionals to promote your business and make your dream come true.

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